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Melia Dubia (Malabar Neem)

About Malabar Neem Plants

Melia Dubia/Malabar Neem is the fastest growing tree in the world and the wood from this tree is used in Plywood Industry. 440 trees can be planted in one acre that fetches 7 Lakh in 6–7 years.


  • The tree can be planted in any type of land
  • Height of the tree will be 40 ft after 3 years.
  • The tree is known as energy tree and its value is of high calorie.
  • Tree can be harvested after 6 years.
  • Maximum earning is guaranteed in minimum time period.
  • After planting a tree, you can take the yield two to three times.
  • The branches are less, so the cost of maintenance is less as compared to other plants.
  • The wood of this tree is strong and durable.
  • You can also earn 1.5 lac in 6 years by planting 100 plants at the fencing of field keeping the distance of the plants 6 ft.
  • You can take inter crops too.

Method and Time of Planting a Tree in 1 Acre of field

  • Plant Size: 1-1.5 ft
  • No. of Plants/Acre: 440 plants/Acre
  • Soil & Climate:

  • Water: Need of water is minimum or negligible or you can give water using drip irrigation.
  • Best Time for Planting the Crop: Before Monsoon or during Monsoon
  • Pit Size: 2 x 2 x 2 ft
  • Plant Spacing: 10 x 10 ft
  • Harvesting Period: After 6 years

Costing and Profit:

In one Acre of land, total no. of plants planted will be around 440 plants at the distance of 10 x 10 ft. The farmer can earn a profit of about 7 lakh in 6-7 years.

Cost Calculation Of Malbar Neem Plantation/Acre

Sr. No. Description Cost Income
A Cost/Acre
1 Malabar Neem Plant Cost (Rs.125 X 440) 55,000.00
2 Fertilization 5,000.00
Total Cost/Acre 60,000.00
B Income/Acre
Malabar Neem wood expected yield at the age of 7 years after taking 8% as moralitites thefts etc., No. Of Malabar Neem trees eligible for extraction is 400 plants.
  • (i) Quantity of Wood expected per plant is 400 kg.
  • (ii) Cost of Wood/kg is Rs. 5/-
  • (iii) Yield in Rs per plant (400 x 5) = Rs. 2000
1 Average cost of wood for 400 plant is (2000 x 400) = 8 lakhs 8,00,000.00
Investment/Acre (Approximately) -60,000.00
C Net Profit Total Income/Acre 7,40,000.00

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